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Real Fun Stories from Some of our Many Satisfied FunSlides Customers.
Customer feedback means so much to us. We have received many great comments about our FunSlides and we wanted to share them with you.
How much fun have FunSlides provided you?
Tell Us "Your Story"


I love Fun Slides they are awesome and they help me learn tricks for my skateboarding

Tori - Dublin, Indiana

these fun slide are sick! me and my bros friend found a piece of wood and used it as a rail

brett - montvale, nj

when i got my funslides i wanted to do everything with them and i did not even now what to do first so i asked my sister bree what to do plus she got some to and she said just slide they are funslides.

brooke - mt.pleasent, texas

I just got my fun slides today and i am having fun with them. my dad even tried.

kyle johnson - fernely, nevada


kirbee - houston, tx

i dont got em, but they look awesome!

luis - new york, united states

I wanted fun slides for a little while.But now i have them!I have so much fun.

Spencer - Swansea, IL

Fun Slides are so cool! I got them today and love them already!

Jack - Tuckahoe, NY

Best gift ever!!!!!! I'm saving up for the rail and hockey puck. THANK YOU FUN SLIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa - Cleveland, OH

me and my friends wanna try fun slides soo bad were 13 and it seems kidish but it looks nlike sooo much fun :D

beth myers - wheatland, ca

When I got my funslides, I couldn't stop playing with them. I went everywhere with them. They are so much fun-I can't imagine life without them! They are the bomb! I can't wait to funslide with my friends.

Selena - Youngstown, Ohio

i am getting my funslides tomorrow! i am so excited!!! all i can think about is funslides! i wish you could pick which color funslides becuase i really really really want the blue and green ones!

alyssa - fayetteville, GA

fun slides are so cool and so is my is my grandma!I saw the add on tv and asked her if she would buy me some and she said yes...yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Xavier - Chicago, Illinous

Okay, so these things, are the BEST! I mean, What kind of kid wouldn't want to slide on his carpet??? These things are amazing, you strap these plastic things with Velcro, and your good to go :) These have changed my life forever, I am so STOKED to wake up every morning to my super slick plastic skates :) I used to skateboard, but now, this is 100 % better! I love these, buy them, there awesome :) I only fell once & it didn't hurt at all! Me & my dad go on picnics and bring my fun slides to the skate park & everyone looks at me, cuz I am so unique & cool with my fun slides.. I LOVE YOU FUN SLIDES :) :) :)

Bathemeith - New York, New York

OMG!I cannot wait for some birthday money to come in the mail for me!!!I want blue fun slides so bad!I cannot believe I had to wait this long for my birthday to almost come!!!

Emily - Waxhaw, North Carolina

OMG!!! i love my fun slides!!! they're soooo much fun to skate around the house!!!!! they're so freakin cool!!! i use them all the time!!! i'm wearing them right now!!! if u don't have these ur sooooo weird.. LOL (just kiddin) GET THEM NOW!!!!!

Kayleigh - Sunbury, PA


Alright so i ski and i built this carpet ramp in my backyard its ill and my friend tells me about these carpet slides and i borrowed them and i was havin the time of my life hitting my box and rail it was soo fun these things are the bomb!

matt - mansfield, ma

I love them they are so fun.If you have any carpet space I would definatly get some. I love to skate up and down my hallway.I pay ice hockey so the help me train and improve.They are so cool!They are so fun to do tricks on!I just love them so ,so, so much!

Nicholas - Raleigh, North Carolina

When i got my fun slides i got surprised when my parents bought me them these things rock!

Jesse - plainfield, New Jersey

When i got my Fun Slides they were so cool that i made up a trick called ''the big one'' i just have to jump twist and make a flip there so cool!

Jesse - Plainfield, New Jersey

fun slides are so awesome i got them then i built up some legos and fun slided into them and they all crashed!!!

Tristan - betonville, arkansas

i lov funslides i got them for easter on sunday.And i have the perfict spot for them in my hallway its like a raceway for FUNslides. They are SO, SO, SO, SO FUN. I LOV THEM.

nicole - buffalo, US


I LOVVVE these funslides I mean I just got them today and I havent stopped wearing them!

Carson - Virginia Beach, Virginia


My fun slides are so awsome i love them i can do all sorts of tricks they r so awsome

Steven - Chicago, IL

I went to Target and bought these. I LOVE them

Katie - Westfield, New Jersey

I got em and they r so awsome i just still cant believe i got em they r the best Christmas present i got.

Viyaleta - San Diego, CA


I saw this advertised on the tely and i instantly knew my two 6 year old daughters would LOVE these!! I ordered 3 pairs as soon as i located my celly. I ordered a pair for them and for myself to try them out. I never knew how young i could feel again!! It reminds me of when i was younger and i had roller blades...i fell down a hill and tore my miniscus in my knee cap. These would have been super useful back in the oldem times. I love how much fun my daughters have with these fun slides! They wear them all the time even while eating dinner at their great aunt Jill's house. When we first got to her house she was curious of this product and she saw how much fun they were having with them so i gave her the number and she ordered some for her 2 children as well. Now our kids hang out all the time sliding around the house in their fun slides. These things have changed their lives! Best product invented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack - tampa, florida




fun slides are SO cool! im already doing tricks and ive only had them for a day!

carleigh - manahawkin, nj

i wish i had funslides but at the stores i know they have no more but i am gonna order them online

axel - los angeles, california

Fun slides are so AWSOME i just got them now i can slide all around the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brooke - austin, texas

i wish i had funslides my grandma is getting me them today i can't wait i will have so much fun sliding around the house. when i get them i will go crazy.

kionna - hull, michigan

I am so exited 2 get my funslides,and so is my little bro.I BET THEY WILL BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brooke and trevor - oklahoma city, oklahoma

oh my goodness they are sooooooooo cool

destiny - beverly hills, calafornia

i had major fun on these skates of happyness i pick up on it real quick and was carpet sk8ing like a pro in no time they r really fun and i recomed them to any age groups!!!buy this prodcut if u want to have some tubey times with friends and family!!!!!wooooo

justin - knoxville, tennessee

my funslides are AWSOME! At first I couldn't figure out how to slide with them, but then I found out and I wasn't falling anymore! AWSOME PRODUCT!!!!!!

Kennedy - Cabot, Arkansas

i really really really want funslides they look so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gare - raga, ar

so i got these gnarly funslides and they totaly rock!i was shredding them up in school and i got alot of people intrested in them.they have made me alot more poopular, and they are fun to slide on benches. thank you fun slide makers for the thing that is worth living for!!!

Ben - Milford, Michigan



These things are the best!!! I've rode them on the rail thing...and it works great on that!!!You kind of have to have balence (but not too much) to ride the rail, but otherwise it is fun to play with!!!AND it helps you get around the house a lot quicker!!!!!!!!!!

Haley - Carson City, Nevada

man these things are fun and i love to ride them and i seen em on the tv commercial and i called my mom and asked her if she can buy me these things it took them at least 2 months thats what it felt like i love them everybody should buy them to help the people who sell them and so you can have alot of fun.

justin - mccomb, mississippi

it was a winter day when we got paid 5 bucks for shoveling the front and back sidewalks. then we noticed the nieghbers were not home so they needed it done so after that a lady came out and said heres 10 bucks for each of u. so we went to target and got these carpet sliders and when we got home we had so much fun! we love them.

mia and makayla - st. paul, mn

I am excited about getting fun slides. My friends have never heard of them though. But I'm EXCITED!

Keli - Piedmont, OK

I was at the children's museum and I happened to come across them and I begged my mom to get them for me she said yes and now they are my favorite toy!!!I recomend people to buy them beacuse they are so much fun and kepp you active!

Kailynn - marlborough, ma

i was over at my friends house playing with our fun slides. We made a rail out of an old cat scratching post. we were doing 360* spins on to the rail. I did a 360* on and a switchy.. then finished it with a tail grab. it was sweet.

jhon - pittsburgh, pennsylvania

I got them and i was hooked. I got a pool stick and used to grind it is awesome

Johnny - Fairport, NY

Once I got the funslides, I loved it!!! And I still do!!! I play with them all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon - Temecula, California

when i got my funslides it took me a while to master but now i am really good!

ryan - pittsburgh, pa

One day, I was sitting on the sofa
watching television and I saw the Fun Slides
come up on the screen. So, I went to ask my mother
would she call the number that was on the screen, or could she go on the internet, and she said I would go on the internet and I jump up for joy.
I was so happy when my friends and family came over they wanted some. Me and my mom said that
they was jealous. Every time they came over my house they wanted to play with Fun Slides. Sometimes they got on my nerves. So, my mom had to go on the internet twice because she had to order my cousin somes because they was jealous. Then, from now on everytime they came over my house they brought their own Fun Slides. So, that time me and mom said about time yall don't get on our nerves. So, the next 2 weeks after I had saw another commercial said a wheel in your soal in it was call Heely's. So, my mom took me to the store in Tuscaloosa and she bought me some pink and black Heely's. The price of those was cheap so she bought me two pairs. I was so happy I told my mother when we go places I will skate on my Heely's, and if we be at home all day long in will slide with my Fun Slides.

Taneshia - Catherine, Alabamam

When I got my Funslides I was so happy and it felt like it was friday and i play with them everyday!

sean - palm bay, florida

we went to supper target, i wanted a doll,my brother felt like he had to have a nerf gun! we saw funslides we had to have them!

kayla and nicholas - coconut creek, fl

When I got my funslides I was so excited! when i opened it i played with them all day.



when i ordered my funslides i was so excited!
when they came they were so fun! it took me a little while to learn how to use them. but when i found out they were so fun:)!
but want to make a rail but i dont know how ):. but o well there still really fun:)!

i highly recomend them!

connor - heath, Ohio

Hey, Im Josh. My siter,Kasey and I REALLY,REALLY,REALLY, WANT Fun Slides. We have been wanting them ever since we saw the commercial. FUN SLIDES! FUN SLIDES!!!!!! = )

Josh - Paris, TN


I absolutely LOVE my FunSlides. I'm a dancer and a gymnast and my mom has caught some great video of me sliding around the house doing backflips and splits with my FunSlides!! These things absolutely ROCK!!!

Kristen - Franklin, Mass.


MAN!! These things are totaly awesome dude!! If you are looking into buying these then do. I got mine a week ago and now I'm driving my mom crazy speedin all over the house like a Cheetah.

Lindsey - Hollywood, California

I got funslides and made a rail and I did tricks that are cool and I think I should be sponsered by funslides. I posted my video that I made my first day on funslides, and I'm much better now. Go to farfegnugens youtube to watch.

Kolbe - Gilbert, Arizona

FUN SLIDES!!! I got them for christmas and i was sooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!! I use them every day!!! Wow they are so fun. I slide down stairs on the carpet and i slide for hours!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE PERSON WHO INVENTED THEM!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! FUN SLIDES ROCK!!!!!! =]

Faren - , MA

one day i saw the tv offer of fun slides i told my dad to by me some my dad said ok i waited lots of days and he said i havent shipped it yet but then he joked i didnt wait lots of days and the next day it was there it just came today 1-17-09 and there was no carpet at my store so when i went home i started skating it was fun i was use to the carpet not the floor when i was about to get something i fell ouch!

aqeel - reno, nevada

when i woke up on christmas day i was like to myself , im going to have the worst christmas ever and have bad toys just like last year and then i opened my present that said MYname on it and i opened it and it was THE FUN SLIDES i started to cry and i started to hug my parents and i was sooo happy that i got them ,,,,, if u dont have fun slides ur a sour person

juliana - ma, whitman


i got carpet skates for x-mas and they are tons on fun i chase my puppys around the house well wearing my carpet skates! and my friends are always using them to! this is a great thing and is great for all ages! my parents even use mine! i love these!! also make sure you dont use them for sleding! it hurts really badly and it is not cool!

kelsie - DeMotte, In

me and my sister got fun slides and we use them on carpets and we do tricks they are AWESOME!

brooke - beavercreek, ohio

My brother got some fun skates i use them on grinding rails on half pipes on grass and on carpet they rock.

collin - nrh, texas

Man when I got my fun slides I thought why didn't they have these 20 years ago. They were so fun. My brother was like ooooo those are mine. Of course they weren't. If you don't have fun slides you need to get some!

dylan - longmont, colorado

Yay!! My FUNSLIDES are here!!!! =)) here is my story: Hello! when my lil sis(7 year old) and i heard funslides were here we were so excited! then i thought to myself,"how good are theese'funslides'?"
than we placed an order for two pairs of fun slides and then my mom said,"do you want them early?"
and my sis shouted,"YEAH WE DO!!" so my mom ordered them early. a week later, they came my mom asked me to guess what they are. and i was like,"ummmm like a gift or somethin'?" and then she pulled them out of the box and i was like =O and she gave them to me, i opened them and put them on, and tried them.SOOO FUN!!!!! thanks for making funslides! bye!

Sarah - , California

I got funslides for christmas and they were the best gift ever! they rock my face off! i never take them off!!!! i skate on over to the dinner table and wear them while im eating dinner! They are so much fun my grandma even got a pair!!!! I wear them so much that when i get home and take off my shoes i automatically just put on my fun slides. thank you! to whoever invented these heavenly shoe skates!!! Fun slides fun slides fun slides!!!!

colleen - oil-city, Pa

these fun slides are the coolest thing ever. i got them for christmas and have put them on everyday since.

tyler - cincinnati, ohio

Funslides are so cool I told them to all of my friends and famliy

Jake and Nick - Reading, Pa

I am so glade I got funslides and I told them to all of my friends and famliy. So I want to learn cool tricks and do fun stuff. So get your self a pair and have FUN just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jake - Reading, PA

my cousin had funslides before and when I rode them I had the most fun ever

larry - philadelphia, pennsylvania

Fun Slides are great! They are fun for the whole family, big or small. It is easy to learn how to use them. Also, they work better on smoother, less textured carpet.

Brendan - Copley, OH

my carpet sliders were the best thing i got on chitsmas.so if you dont have em, you better hurry
up and some!!!!!!!

yazmine - phx, az

i used to watch TV all day but one I got my funslides I was on my fun slides all day

ryan - long beach, ca

WOW i had i lot of fun with mine. I'v had them for a week or so and now I can skate on 1 foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT AWESOME GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN

erin - pittsburgh, pa

Hi My name is B-Rad AKA Bryan.. I just bought my fun slides and I'll never forget the feeling of when I first put them on. They fit like a glove! I started sliding around the carpet and I spilled my mom's red drink because I went so fast! My daddy wanted some sizzurp so I fetched him some and got back quicker than ever! I was telling all my homies about them but idk if they can use their food stamps towards them :'(
FYI: Do not use them on woodstairs!

Bryan - Cumberland, Rhode Island

these things r so much fun!!! i can't stop wearing them! i fell a couple of times! i wasn't used to them yet! i got them for xmas!

Hannah - Nashville, Tn.



i want some cause i was watching television and a commercial came up and i said. "WOW! Look at those funslides they are awesome i think i want a pair of those for me and my brother mason(5) and me alana(7)


alana&shareese - lithia, fl


We always jump and slide down the hallway. So the point is, we see who can slide the farthest. I actually got them on Christmas Eve. I made up a fun trick, "The Shredder". I just jump, and slide. WOOOHOO!!

Sabrina & Logan - Little egg Harbor, NJ

we live in a very hot place so its so hot i got them fun slides i tried them and didnt want to take them off....

andr - coolidge, az

these sliders is awesome i let my nine year old son wear them as soon as i got them we live in an apartment complex with fully carpet its fun to watch my kid to play on them they are so cool love,brian

brian - los,banos, califorina

I bought these sliders for my nine year old for christmas, of course I let her open it early! We live in an apartment complex that is fully carpeted. We also live in a place with lots of snow and ice, but she doesn't like to be outside when it is cold. She has such a great time with these fun slides, she even offers to take out the trash so she can slide down the hallway! I am a big fan. I even tried them, but I don't offer to take out the trash.

Deneen - LEADVILLEl, co

I got my Fun Sliders at Jump Rope for Heart at my school.and my brothers use them on the ice. I tried and it is super hard. my brothers grind on a rail with them. they are so fun. every kid should have a pair.

Haley - NH, NH


well my brothers and me were listening to the jonas brothers on christmas and eating waffles and my mommy was like hey guys open your presents and our first present was our fun slide carpet skates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we found out that the carpet skates work good on carpet just as well as ice :D:D:B:D

Ryan and Jake

ps. they is really fun get em while you can!!!!!!!!!

JAKE and ryan - Gilford, NH

I got Funs Slides and I have a blast! I've made alot of rails. It takes a while for me to get used to the slipperynes but it's fun. If you want fun and safety, get fun slides. Its a lot better than socks on polished wood!

Donavon - Newark, OH








Bruce Jones - Keene, New Hampshire

My brother and I have a blast with our carpet skates. we like to build ramps and rails to slide on

Chris - Lodi, California


I saw some 'extreme' carpet skating online and decided to buy these for my live shows. Well, 3 falls off stage later and i'm still breathing!

Seriously--this has been some of the most fun i've had on stage in a while--and now I even wear them into the office. Glad I didn't buy from 'TotallyNotFunSlides.com.'
The Press Club (find me on iTunes!)

The Mark - Cincinnati, OH

Me and my brother like to run then slide and turn around and run back.I can't wait to pick another one of your prodcts.Congratualations! see if you can get $1,000.

Bianca Murray - West Gladstone, Queensland


I just LOVE funslides. I go really fast in those skates, I
haven't fallen one time. KEEP UP WITH THE FUN SIDES bye

Justin - Las Vegas, NV

FunSlides are Great!

My Fun slides are great.I got them for raising money
for jump rope for heart and we donate it to American
Heart Association .I tryed them down the stairs and it
really works.I slide really fast with them.
From, REID

Reid - San Diego, California

I love my Funslides!

I love my funslides. They're really helpful around the house.I'm so glad my floor is a big carpet all around my house!

Kailen - Marietta, Georgia

Skating on Carpet is Awesome!


I had so much fun with these things. I lov them 2 death!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt wait 2 get home and open them, i had 2 skate around on carpet now thats a new 1 4 me. I have heeleys so i can skate on the floor now i can skate on carpet thats amazing wwwwwwwoooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brooke - heartland, texas

Sliding and Gliding!!


i got some for xmas and coudnt stop sliding and gliding

jojo - adelanto, california

I wrote a letter a while ago. I've been using these for a long time and we(lucas and I) are getting really good and starting to innovate and improve tricks. We have created many tricks and have done many rails and have improved by crashing(laughs). It is the closest thing to skiing besides skiing.

Isaac and Lucas - Salida, Colorado


this christmas my aunt got these for me i aggressive rollerbladr and these are like having the outdoors inside! it was my last gift i was so happy that i completly forgot about my other gifts!!!!

Josh - chicago, illonois


I bought a pair of fun slides because I just thought they looked fun and I was way wrong they were way better than fun my brother and I spend hours on them daily we even built our own ramp( in pic)herre was a team my brother and I want to make one but i don't know if that would be stealing your idea but I think funslides are the most fun and safe thing to do, =]

Amy - San Diego, California

We became ambassadors for Funslides

I recently returned from a trip to New York. I treated my 12 year
old daughter and a friend of hers to a few days of sightseeing and shopping. On our last day we stopped at FAO Schwarz and the girls each purchased a pair of the Fun Sliders after seeing a demonstration and trying them out for themselves in the store. At the airport (JFK) we learned our flight home was to be delayed by several hours. Thanks to Fun Sliders, the girls energetically and happily passed the time "skating" on the vast expanse of carpeted floors in the terminal. They saved the day and the girls readily became ambassadors for the product as they told dozens of curious air travelers about the Fun Slides and where they got them.

Jude - Buffalo, NY

As a pediatric physical therapist we are always trying to find toys that facilitate the child's body awareness. We use these with children with ADHD, clumsy children to foster core strength and body awareness. If you begin to flop you end up on the floor. So our little people focus on being upright during their ball games.


You gotta get these

Well...this isn't my story, but I still thnk its cool! My friend Nikki just got FunSlides for Easter and she does a flip over her couch, lands and keeps going. I think funslides are awesome and im geting them ASAP!

Vince - Philadelphia, PA


I went to a skate park and grinded a 35 foot long rail!

Rami - Mercer Island, WA

Greatest invention ever

My mom got these for me for Christmas....they're the greatest invention ever. they were already shipped and under the tree before I ever even asked for them. not only do they slide on carpet, but ive though not recommended without parental consent and supervision...i love them, no lie. I havent taken them off since Christmas, and its now January 4th.

Keenan - King, NC

play hockey

I bought these for my 4 year old son for Christmas. He LOVES
them. They were also a hit with everybody else. I think that everybody in the family tried them on! I am planning on purchasing several more pairs so that they can play hockey downstairs. My husband also feels that they promote
a good skating stride for hockey players and that is is great practice off the ice.

M Schiffmann - Saint Germain, WI


On January 9,2006 my friends and I used wooden blocks as grinding rails.We also used a skateboard ramp and jumped off the steps onto the ramp.Now all my friends want to come over and use them all day.So I tell them to buy some of there own skates.

Conor - Ridgewood, NJ


On December 30,2005 my brother, Jack, and I were playing basketball in the basement with our Fisher price basketball hoops and I called timeout. I thought of an idea to use the carpet skates to play slide basketball - we can even slam dunk and do lay ups with our carpet skates on!!!

Liam - Ridgewood, NJ

The Super Sliders

These skates are crazy!! I about cracked my head open on the
first try but after that i loved it. They provide hours upon hours of
enjoyment. We even built a ramp on the stairs. I wouldnt suggest this trick for the younger tikes. It gave us the chance to have a
neighborhood club-THE SUPER SLIDERS!
*thanks for the fun Super____sliders 4ever Matty

matilda aka matty - anchorage, alaska

Olympic style

My friend and I have a tradition when watching the Olympic
Opening Ceremonies: Every time the Olympic theme song plays, we have to act out an Olympic sport. FunSlides came in handy for just about every sport - speed skating, figure skating, hockey, skiing. It may a fun tradition even more fun!

Suzanne - Baltimore, MD

Loves to skate

My kid is 12 and he woke up on christmas and when he opened up the fun slides he put them on and started going around every where we would just watch him because he loves to skate and now he wheres them on rainy days right now hes whereing them he loves them so much he wants to get a new pair that are red his our silver i think he might get some on christmas or on birthday thank you byebye

Zach - St. Louis, MI

I love my skates and puck

I really like my brand new carpet skates because they are so
cool.And all of my friends come over to my house and I get to spend time with them.my parents get mad at me somtimes for shooting the carpet puck to hard,it makes a loud noise.Anyway that is why I like my carpet skates and puck so much.

Liam - St. Albert, Alberta

Carpet Racing Olympic Style

ok so me and my buddys got some of these carpet skates and we went up to my friends attic where he has a huge carpet space and we began to build a ramps and rails out of anything we could find. It was the most fun i have ever had we even did some carpet racing olympic style we were pullen 720's off suitcases and power slides everywere! I had a blast!

Joey - New Cannon, CT

Super fast and under control!

Before I learned about Fun Slides, I used a Hall Pass board. The
Hall Pass was slow and tiring to use. Fun Slides are AWESOME!!! They are super fast and I feel completley under control. They hold up really well and I have never had a single problem ever. I highly recommend Fun Slides to anyone.

Alex - Safety Harbor, FL

Fun product

For a long time my 5 brothers and I have tried to find a easy way
to slide on carpet. We tried just about every thing from Ziploc boxes to plastic bags. Then I found Fun Slides. I am the only one in my family who has a pair but a few of my brothers want a pair of their own. Thank you for making such a fun product.

Jordan - Wheeling, WV

Make your kids happy!

My kids, who are 12 & 17, both absolutley love the carpet
skates!! The skates, they said were the last but best things that they opened for Christmas. It really made them happy! Thank you so much!

Bethany - Tulsa, TX

Figure Skater

I'm a figure skater who lives an HOUR away from the ice rink. Fun
Slides can let me practice when I can't drive all the way to the rink. I
never take them off!

Kadie - Tacoma, WA

We went crazy

My friend and I had two pairs of these, and we went crazy! We got
a camera and we messed around, using a remote to "teleport" around the room! We would slide into walls (ON PURPOSE! We didn't get hurt on accident at all!) They were great!

Alex - Mason, OH

Carpet Stunt Shoes

I was sliding on my new "Carpet Stunt Shoes", my mom calls them. My little brother soon found out and we had mesure off's. My brother got the slides and attached them to his knees. He spun and kept himself going with his momentom. The idea caught on, and now a common game with my frends, is with one hard shove, spin as much as you can.My brother joins in and always wins.Great idea Fun Slides!

Tyler & Chad - Amarillo, TX

These things are awesome

These things are awesome!!! My friend told me about them. At
first, i thought they would be boring but when i started skating around it was cool. I did a cartwheel and slid out of it. It was a blast! I had fun racing down the hallways of a hotel until I got yelled at! It's too bad my mom wouldn't let me bring them to Grandma's!
PS. they work better on thincker carpet!

Rachel - Skokie, IL

Gripper Grooves

Although I first would encourage everybody, including the skilled
dancers, to use the funslides with utmost care, I have noticed that the gripper groovers on front of the slides do help to keep bodycontrol when doing a sosteniú or other turns in relevé!

Fernando - Mexico City, Mexico

I would be the first to go pro

me and my friends funslide alot. we make rails and jumps for them
and i think that it should become a pro sport and i would be the first pro.

Eric - Ithaca, NY

What a clever idea

I got the skates for my 21st birthday, and they were the best
gift by far! Everyone who's tried them on -- from my 7 year old cousin to my 56 year old mother -- LOVES them! What a clever idea.

Rachel - Ripon, WI


I think FUN SLIDES are very fun! In fact I just got them from
F.A.O today, 11/26/06. Who ever invented these tell them I said thanks.

Mike - NY, NY

Best money ever spent


Joey - Spokane, WA

Carpet Skate Park

me and my friend olivia made a carpet skate park in my basement
.we have this pool stick that we can slide across as our grinding rail
and this ramp slide out of foam dog stairs and plywood coverd in
blankets.just a litle advice from olivia don't slide down stairs!I don't
have a clue what she was thinking?Any ways I'll just say your company makes kids lives much more fun then school.!

Eric - Herndon, VA

Really COOL


Holly - Temecula, CA

Skate all day

I got my son 6 pairs and 2 pucks for his birthday. Now when his
cousins come over they skate all over their grandmothers fully carpeted basement which is the playroom and play hocey.

Azure - Toronto, Ontario


we were being meca hardmaxXcore to the LIMIT. We were grinding a 2.5 FOOT BOX. On our carpet skates of course. If you email me I will send you some hecka gnarly pictures of sweet grinds that smelled like gnarne asada.

Andrew and Luke - Woodinville, WA

Thank you Simtec

my mom said that there wasn't enough carpet in our house to use
these but when I got them it turned out to be great! I had a plank of wood that I tried to turn into a carpet skateboard it made a great
ramp/grinding surface. Thank you Simtec for your brilliant idea!!!

Carlos - Northfield, IL

These are so much Fun!

I ordered Fun Slides for my nephew, step nephew, and step son for Christmas. Well being the kid I am I ordered myself a pair too. The UPS man just delivered them and I couldn't wait to open mine and strap them on. OH MY!!!!!! They are SOOOOO much fun. I don't want to take them off. If this 30 year old is having this much fun on them I can't wait to see the kids on them. All four of us are going to have a blast. Thank you for this wonderful product. I will be sure to tell all and will be looking forward to other products that you put out.

My cat loves the box they came in. Fun for all I guess

Nathan Jarrett - Altoona, Iowa

I got them as a christmas present and it was one of the best
gifts I had ever gotten. I take them to my friend Cody's house and we build ramps and stuff. Great present for all ages

Jeremy - Mt. Washington, Kentucky

Great Fun for My 2, 4 & 10 yr. old

My 4 and 10 year old both loved the skates. Could be a little dangerous if too many big kids are skating at the same time. Lots of fun for the whole family.

Robin (mother of 3)

I can't take them off!

When i got these fun slides for an early christmas preasent i was
so happy i had put them on my christmas list! Well anyways i put them on and now i have them on right now even! Well i was thinking you should make a "FUN SIDES CARPET HALL" with carpet ramps and everything! I love your product! Thanks too for making alot of fun come from such a cheap price!thanks!

Danielle :)

Danielle - Lainsing, MI

Great Gift!

I bought 3 pair for my grandkids and they enjoyed them tremendously. The only problem was the parents...I didn't think they give them back or ever take them off. Fun slides made my early gift giving a hit. Thanks FUN SLIDE company.

Ms. Dodson

Ms. Dodson - Mineral, Virginia


This morning turned out to be a great Christmas after all. I wanted to write to you to let you know how happy my kids were when they opened their FunSlides, especially after a horrible Christmas Eve. We got our house broken into yesterday afternoon and a lot of presents, gift cards & jewelry were stolen. The kids were sad, scared and not in the Christmas mood. Fortunately not everything was stolen and as you can see in the picture I've attached, by the smiles on their faces, the FunSlides lifted their spirits and they had a blast tearing up the living room and sliding all over the place. Thank you for making such a fun product. It made Christmas Day so much better.

Karrin (Anthonie & Hollie's Mom)

Wonderful purchase

I bought the skates for my niece & nephew and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. They have so much fun with them - it was a great Christmas gift.

Best Thing Ever- Great for Winter

I got this for my nine year old for Christmas and he love love loves it. My husband and I can strap them on and skate around with him, too. It is the best thing to burn up some of that energy that is stored from having to stay inside on a rainy day. Very fun for him and his friends, teaches balance and coordination, never gets old!

Very Fun

Both my boys, ages 11 and 16, loved this toy. It's unusual to find something they both can enjoy!

Kids loved them!

Our kids are 13, and 11, and they've been playing with them quite a bit, even "grinding" on furniture. They are really slippery, so be careful.

The kids feel the love

A tad bit dangerous without supervision, but all the kids who've used them loved them. Of course we couldn't resist trying them ourselves and had a blast!

Carpet Skates

My kids are 11 and 14 and loved the carpet skates. Thanks.

Carpet Skates

My four year old is having a blast with his carpet skates. It gives him something fun and active to do indoors during the winter.

She only takes them off to sleep!

I can't imagine a better gift at this price level for a child from 6-13. They may be too slippery for younger children. They really do fit tightly on any size shoe.

Kimbery, Gramma of 7 yr. old - Seattle, Washington

Fun for all!

My nephew LOVED this item! He used to use his slippers to slide around on the carpet, now he has his own skates. Great quality, and can be used by older kids as well. He hopes he gets the carpet hockey accessories next year! Definately a good buy!


It is so awesome sliding around in the carpet skates! These were the best idea for kids in the world! They are so fun when you are sliding and slipping around on the carpet! Hopefully they will think of somewhere you can go and have games with your carpet pucks too! That would be so cool! These are just so cool! You can use them for so many different things..exercise and just fun too! and the price is even better!

Everyone had fun with this one!!

I bought these for my 6 yr old daughter, and 8 yr old nephew. They were a huge hit! So unique-everyone ended up trying them on and giving them a slide. From my 58 yr old dad, to my husband, and my older nephew who is 13. These created HOURS of fun for my daughter and her cousins. Honestly best and most used toy ever purchased.

Stacie, Fun Mom, from Suburb of Minneapolis

Fun for all!

I ordered Fun Slides for my nephew, step-nephew, and step-son for Christmas.  Well, being the kid I am, I ordered myself a pair too.  The UPS man just delivered them and I couldn't wait to open mine and strap them on.  OH MY!!!!!!  They are SOOOOO much fun.  I don't want to take them off.  If this 30 year old is having this much fun on them I can't wait to see the kids on them.  All four of us are going to have a blast.  Thank you for this wonderful product.  I will be sure to tell all and will be looking forward to other products that you put out.
P.S. My cat loves the box they came in.  Fun for all I guess

Nathan - Altoona, IA

Everyone loves funslides!

I got my funslides yesterday; they were awsome. I brought them to school and everyone wanted to try them. It was so fun!

Cameron - Ontario, Canada

Sliding on Fun Slides was Insane

My fun slides were an early x-mas present. When i was using them they were like soooooooo slippery! I havent really learned any tricks but I want to. Fun slides are the best.

Parker - Salt Lake, Utah

Suprisingly Fun!

I got FUN SLIDES for Christmas and I thought "um thanks? " Acting like I didn't know what they were. Then I tried them on just to try. Then come to find out it was really fun. Then I started sliding on my couches doing crazy stuff like that. Im a good skater and skateboarder. So I begged my dad if i could bring my grind rail in he said "no!" So I brought an old carpet outside and put a rail and ramp under it. I wiped out a couple but it was fun. My uncle is going to build me a half pipe and we are going to line it with carpet. I hope it is fun.

Thomas - DeRidder, LA

Family Fun

Me and my brother strap on the skates and chase each other around our house. The skates are fun and we don't get in trouble for running. All my friends want these. They are just too cool.

Gabi - Virginia Beach,, Virginia

Dancing to the Music

My sister and I got these for Christmas and all Christmas day we were sliding in our basement. We also got something that blasts music from your ipod so everyone can hear. We turned it on and were dancing with our funslides on to the music. Then the song I Got You (I Feel Good) came on and we made a dance to it. We showed our family and they all enjoyed it.

Jessie - Cleveland, Ohio

Making Christmas Great

My kids, who are 12 & 17, both absolutley love the carpet skates!! The skates, they said were the last but best things that they opened for Christmas. It really made them happy! Thank you so much!

Bethany - Tulsa, TX

Work just got fun again!

I am a carpet cleaner at Natchez Junior High School. I saw Carpet Skates on the internet and thought they could help me perform my job. My goodness, they sure did. Now I can easily glide across carpets with my steamer, resulting in cleaner carpets done faster. It's also a load of fun back at the house. Thank you, Fun Slides!

Theodore - Natchez, MS

More than just sliding

I thought they were only for sliding around, but then I went to fun slides.com, and found out you can do tricks and rails.They are aswome!

Wes - Denver, CO

It works!

I saw these in a magazine and said " These couldn't work". I went on WWW.funslides.com and watched the video and said "wow...Mom can i get carpet skates for Hannukah". I love extreme rollerblading and I think it will be fun to try something new.

Tyler - Potomac, MD

Easter FUN!

I have a 9 year old and she loves them a ton. I gave them to her on Easter she said it was the best Easter ever because of the fun slides!

Sue - Cumberland, ME

Too Sweet

I got some of these amazing thing for Christmas and there great. My neighbor wants some and we have tones of fun with my skates and my brother we have taken them on my tramp I made a rail to grind on. THESE THINGS ARE SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Grant - Golden, CO

Just Fun!

Not only are you fun, but encouraging!

Brainwaves For Kids - Pottstown, PA

Great Exercise too!

Well, I'm not a kid, but FUN SLIDES are awesome for adults, too!
I'm 52 and have been searching for a form of exercise that is low-impact so that I won't injure my knees or feet, and FUN SLIDES are the perfect solution for me. I've been going to a large carpeted church 4 times a week and SLIDING for 30 minutes............in a month I've lost 12 pounds, never worry about getting injured, and best of all, it's also an aerobic workout! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS UNIQUE WAY OF ACHIEVING MY FITNESS GOALS SAFELY!

Jeanie - St. Cloud, MN

These are Great!!

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love these! im addictid my mom has toforce me to take them off!!!!!!!!! you guys made a fantastic product!

Haley - Nashville, TN

Great Christmas Present

Dear Funslides,
I got FUNSLIDES for a Christmas presant I also got a hockey puck but it hovers on a cusion of air my friends and family have a BLAST kicking it around because its like real hockey. We sometimes ust a hockey stick to play!

Jessica - Lees Summit, MO

Very good invention

A friend of mine's little girl got a pair of them for christmas
and they wanted me to try them out and I love them I am gonna get my 6 year old boy some now. I put them on and went across there carpeted living room floor and busted my booty. It was so funny!!! Very good invention!!!!!!!

Laura - Blackshear, GA

Use them like water skies

my sister and I love carpet skates but we only have one pair so
we pull each other around by a belt like water skies.

Liz - Port Jefferson, NY

Thank you for FUNSLIDES

i love them very much and i want more .my friend justin wanted a
pair too.i want the hocky puck and hocky sticks for me and my

Brian - Waldorf, MD

Your product rules!

Your guys product rules. I got a pair of carpet skates for
Christmas. I put them on and skated around. Later that day though beforeI went skiing I went into my parents room. They have wooden stairs so I decided to grind them. I then thought,"These things are the best." So thanks Fun Slides for making the best product ever!

Issac - Salida, Colorado

My mom is always using them!

Well, first my mom wouldn't let me get them,because she thought they weren't safe. When I tried them on and started skating, she was amazed at how fun they were. Now, she barely lets me use them because she is ALWAYS using them. When I am using them they are... COOL AWESOME RAD SWEET FUN SAFE and I bet there are 100 other ways to describe this neat invention. I love them!!!!!!

Katie - New Providence, New Jersey

I am now a Funslides User!

While doing a project for school, I came accross Fun Slides. My
friend Paulette has them and, because of her, I am now a Fun Slides
informant and user.

Jess - Hopatcong, New Jersey

These skates are the COOLEST things EVER!!!!!!!

My cousins got these for Christmas and when we went over the next day, we were slipping and sliding for hours. We slid off the bed and did twists and turns and countless tricks. We even tryed flipping but ended up on eac other! These skates are the COOLEST things EVER!!!!!!! I made my mom buy me some so that I could dance with them and start sliding around with my dog!

Christina - Greenwich, CT

There are a BLAST!!

I first picked up Fun Slides up in Washington State. They were a
BLAST!!! I had sooo much fun with them. When I got back, my friend tried them out and now he wants one!!! I found on Youtube and saw a lot of people with their Fun Skates and a new skate, well it's just a skateboard deck but they were doin flips and jupms with them. I hope there will a "Fun Slides Board" some day...

Kyle Fong - Sacramento, California
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